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The Ginger Prince Series is designed to guide young children to develop biblical character traits in the midst of relatable life stories. At the end of each book, there are activities to further engage your child, and you can access more FREE activities here online to continue learning!

GP on a scooter - The Ginger Prince Series

The Stories


Awaiting Christmas

A Story About the First Unexpected Christmas

Rainy Day - The Ginger Prince Series by Chrissy Willems

Rainy Day

A Story About Choosing to be Thankful


Try Again

A Story About Controlling Your Anger

Let's Play Ball - The Ginger Prince Series by Chrissy Willems

Let's Play Ball

A Story About Learning to Encourage Others


Show and Tell

A Story About Showing Love to One Another

Wonderfully Made - The Ginger Prince Series by Chrissy Willems

Wonderfully Made

A Story About Discovering Our Creativity

Make an impact in the life of a child!

One dollar from each book sold is donated toward sending children to camps offered by Children's Camps International (CCI).

CCI is an evangelical, non-denominational organization that has been promoting the dynamic work of children's camping ministry around the world since 2003. CCI works together with the indigenous church to reach the children of the developing world. The ministry is designed for complete transformation through intentional evangelism, discipleship and leadership training programs.

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