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About The Author: Chrissy Willems

Chrissy Willems is a full-time mom and part-time writer. She is passionate about spreading God's truth and encouraging children and adults alike to spend time getting to know Jesus through the gospel Word – the greatest and most important story ever told.


Chrissy is mother to two active boys under the age of 6. Together with her husband, the family farms grain in rural Saskatchewan. Farming land which was settled by the Willems family of three generations ago is a treasured gift, one that Chrissy and her husband hope to pass on to their children one day.


Poised with leadership skills, Chrissy actively engages in her community through a variety of roles from Local Government to church ministry. Educated in Human Resources, Event Management and Municipal Leadership, Chrissy is dedicated to sharing her God-given abilities in hopes of having a positive impact on her community, family and friends.


The Ginger Prince Series is a tool authored to display that God's Word is alive and active. The books include character building stories and lessons along with access to free kids activities. Chrissy takes readers on a journey, following GP through relatable life events that remind parents and children alike to look to their heavenly Father for guidance and truth.

Author Chrissy Willems
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